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A bold, new experience in iPhone photography has just arrived. Simply snap a photo… and like magic, it’s transformed into a gorgeous, eye-catching shot.

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“It’s fun, it’s got fast navigation and interactions, and it looks good on iOS 7.”

Federico Viticci,

“…helps users achieve amazing results with little effort.”

Christopher Meinck,

“Just open the app, and it’ll automatically make your pictures look good.”

Thorin Klosowski,

Dead simple. Incredible results.

From the minds behind Camera+, the best selling photo app of all time… MagiCam gives you 1-tap perfection for every photo you shoot. No need to learn any complex photography terms or techniques. Just amazing results every time.




MagiCam includes 9 moods to help you capture the feeling of a moment in time.

Share your memories.

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